Americas Finest Wood Wall Tile

Scroll through our gallery and see this amazing collection of photographs of our best installations around the country and the world. Take a look through the photographs and see how adding this reclaimed wood wall tile can instantly transform any space.  As the leader in the manufacturing of wood wall tile, Everitt & Schilling is dedicated to creating the finest product available on the market.  A dedication to consistent sizing, coloration and style gives Everitt & Schilling a distinct advantage for use in your next project.  These innovative wood wall tiles are hand crafted to meet a rigorous regimen of standards.  As the photographs demonstrate, the wood wall tiles add dimension, depth and beauty to any space.  Coated in a low VOC ceramic finish, these tiles are ready to be placed in a design with no additional work necessary after installation.

Wood Wall Tiles In Leading Designs

Everitt & Schilling’s wood wall tiles have been featured in leading designs from around North America.  Seen on a number of DIY Network an HGTV’s leading television programs such as, I Hate My Bath, Kitchen Crashers, and Love it or List It, these wood wall tiles by E & S are becoming the new standard in design for texture and beauty.  Our tiles have also been used in such leading brands in the United States as Starbucks, Marriott, Hyatt, Hotel Derek, ZZZ’s Sleep Stores, Steak 44 and many others.  These marquee uses of wood wall tile seem to reinforce what we have always believed, that a high quality product that pays homage to creativity and style will rise to the top of the world of design.  Contact us today to find a retailer near you, get a sample or simply to see how you can use our incredible wood wall tile in your next design and project.

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