Ember Wood Tile Series

The Japanese technique of burning cypress wood is a finishing style that has gained a great deal of popularity within the design community. The method is called shou sugi ban and is the process of exposing wood to a hot flame in order to help preserve the wood and give it a natural black and silver color. It is a beautiful outcome that adds drama and boldness to a design. E&S Tile, the world’s foremost experts on wood tile, has finally created an amazingly easy solution to this design desire. Our Ember Series is the latest innovation in format tile made of real wood. We studied the art of shou sugi ban and came up with he perfect way to consistently replicate this beautiful look. While it may sound very strange to decorate with burnt wood, take a look at these amazing designs that utilize the shou sugi ban technique.

Shou Sugi Ban

As a leading website describes “Shou Sugi Ban 焼杉板 (or Yakisugi) is an ancient Japanese exterior siding technique that preserves wood by charring it with fire. Traditionally, Sugi wood (cryptomeria japonica L.f., also called Japanese cedar) was used. The process involves charring the wood, cooling it, cleaning it, and finishing it with a natural oil.” While this look is amazing and dramatic, we recognized that there were several issues in creating this bold accent material. Our attention to detail and consistency at E&S led us to explore the best methodology for creating a material that would always look amazing and be easy to use. Our innovative technique keeps the color dramatic and consistent from sheet to sheet as well as eliminates all odor that typically can be associated with the original Shou Sugi Ban technique.

Contact us today for a sample , find a showorom location near your or to see how to add this amazing tile to your latest design.  Once you have a sample in your hands, the list of places you can add this beautiful texture and color will become a long one!

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