Plateaux Series

Everitt & Schillings latest series of modern wall paneling is inspired by the Scandinavian design aesthetic. Clean, simple and beautiful the Plateaux series is the perfect compliment to modern design. Made of baltic birch, and placed in our mosaic patterns this tile will add bright, clean lines to any space. We have created a precision engineered product that combines the beauty of medium sized mosaic shapes and the beauty of light Baltic birch wood. Take a look at these fabulous examples of how this material can be utilized!

Modern Wall Paneling

With the rise in popularity of the Scandinavian design aesthetic, E&S wanted to create a tile that would give designers the perfect tool to use in their modern creations. The Plateaux series has a clean bright wood grain combined with dark precision lines to help create a beautiful tile that is highly refined and a perfect match for any modern design. Available in 5 patterns the Plateaux series is the next great innovation from E&S Tile.

Contact us today for a sample , find a showorom location near your or to see how to add this amazing tile to your latest design.  Once you have a sample in your hands, the list of places you can add this beautiful texture and color will become a long one!

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