Rescued for Repurpose

Everitt & Schilling’s re-cycled hardwood tile is a stunning modern twist on a timeless material. Rescued from a wasteful end, these re-cycled hardwood tiles have been cut and shaped into elegant designs. Sold in pre-set formats that lock together for a simple install, these re-purposed tiles are a wonderful addition to any space. Our re-cycled hardwood tiles are sold on our patent pending backer and are coated with a low VOC, water based ceramic finish. The alternating depths and wood species create a beautiful texture for any design.  Available in two patterns, our Parkwood or Tanglewood designs are our take on two popular trends in design.  The Parkwood tile is a mid-centruy modern style that relies heavily on the linear lines of modern styling; while Tanglewood is a beautiful take of a modern herringbone.  Parkwood has been used in such marquee projects as the Marriott Hotels, ZZZ’s Sleep Stores and many civic institutions around the country.  Our Parkwood Tiles were also featured on the DIY Network hit television show, Kitchen Crashers.  The episode, Wall of Wood showcased our Gunstock version of Parkwood and was a stunning addition to the renovated space!


Re-cycled Hardwood Is A Touch Of Modern

As Jaime Derringer, Founder + Executive Editor of Design Milk writes of E & S re-cycled hardwood tiles, “They can be used for just about anything from kitchen backsplashes to bathroom wall treatments, and even sculptural wall decor.”  These hardwood tiles are made from cabinet, trim and door maker scraps.  A great deal of waste goes into creating items for a home, and E & S has found a way to rescue these beautiful materials before they find their way into a fire or the trash.  

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