Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Everitt & Schilling Tile? Need more information about the product design or colors? Need Guidance on installation? We are here to help. This page addresses some of our more common topics and should give you answers to some of the questions that we find come up the most. We encourage you to read through the topics here but if your question still is not answered please be sure to Contact Us!

Can orders of Re-Purposed Hardwood be customized to include one or two specific species or specific tile sizes?

We can customize species and sizing for larger orders (over 500 feet).

Can we expect to see equal distribution of species and sizes in an order of Re-Purposed Hardwood?rking question

No. Our mix is based upon a designed ratio. While the numbers are close in quantity, they may vary depending on the size of the order.

Can customers request a specific stain/finish color or brand other than what is offered?

Yes - for orders over 300 square feet

Can any of the different finishes be mixed together in one order?

Yes, different sizes and finishes can be placed in the same order.

Is there expansion/contraction of the tiles? What if the tiles crack or warp from humidity or extra dry air?

Reclaimed Barnwood tiles are aged and have existed for years in the extreme outdoor weather conditions of the West, and have already likely undergone most of the warping and changes possible. The Re-Purposed Hardwood tiles are solid wood scraps of different species, some of which are more prone to humidity levels than others. However, even for finished tiles we still suggest installing them in interior areas with controlled temperature and humidity levels. The tiles will continue to move over time so we recommend installing them with a gap around the perimeter of the installation to help the wood have the space it needs for this natural occurrence. The patent pending backing material allows this to happen, and with proper installation and a 72 hour acclimation period before installation the tiles will perform perfectly for years to come.

Can the tiles be installed outdoors?

Due to weather unpredictability and changes in temperature, moisture, we do not recommend exterior installation of E&S Tiles.

Is there any reason to worry about the tiles being a fire hazard?

The tiles are made of wood. They should be used in areas that are not subject to extreme heat, cold, fire, or moisture. We suggest that all local fire codes and product manufacturers recommendations be strictly adhered to. We can treat the tiles with Fire’z Off, a non-toxic environmentally friendly (no VOCs) fire retardant spray that can achieve a Class A rating for commercial and fire code required applications.

Can the tile be used around a fireplace or a gas stove?

Every jurisdiction has a unique set of requirements for fire separation and combustible materials. Our tiles are considered a combustible material in most cases so we recommend you check with your local city or county building department to find out what the required distances are from flame or heat sources. In general we do not recommend that the tile be directly in contact with a heat source unless the fireplace is designed for these kinds of applications. We also require that a Fire’z Off application is used for orders behind a stove. It does not make the tile fireproof, but does enable a Class A rating to diminish the potential spread of flames should there be a kitchen fire.

How do you clean the tiles?

It is best to use water and a mild dish soap on a damp cloth for cleaning. The finishes that we use will help keep grease and other perishables from penetrating the wood. Abrasive cleansing products are not recommended.

What can be expected in a batch of tiles? How much variation is there in size, texture, and color?

Wood tile is a natural product so the character and beauty that comes from the products inherency can also be one of the harder expectations to set. We work diligently on our product color blend so that each tile has a range of color from lights to dark. While no two tiles are the same, we strive to make our product resemble in color and textures the samples that we send or that are seen in the stores.

What happens if tiles break during shipping?

While rare, this can be expected. However, the pieces can usually be glued in place without impact to appearance.

What happens if tiles are cracked or warped ?

Some tiles will have cracks and slight cupping or bowing based on the state of the original barnwood. We usually place these tiles somewhere in the middle of the project, and not on the ends or corners, simply to reduce visibility of these variations. The dark color of the backing to which the tiles are adhered will also reduce visibility of any imperfections or gaps between tiles.

Will the tiles change in color over time?

Exposure to sunlight or variations in humidity may cause changes in color over time. This is not necessarily a defect, but a characteristic of the material. Color finishes should not change in color.

Can Tiles be installed on the Ceiling?

Yes - please note however that the tiles need to be glued and nailed in this application to minimize delimitation issues that can occur in horizontal applications