Product Specifications

“What ever happened to waiting your turn
Doing it all by hand? ‘Cause when everything is handed to you
It’s only worth as much as the time put in.” – Miranda Lambert, Automtic

Everitt & Schilling Tile is the finest wood tile in America.  Each tile is handcrafted to exact specifics and color ranges.  Our team of artisans takes great care to make sure that each tile that you receive is created with precision and thoughtfulness while ensuring the qualities that make it one of the only hand made tiles in the industry.  Crafted with intentionality and the great story of the American West, Everitt & Schilling Wood Tile is the most innovative decor product on the market.  Listed below are the technical specifications that help make E & S Tile the quality product that you can expect and that discerning customers appreciate.  All of the PDF’s below help answer the most frequently asked questions and give you the information that you need at any time during the design or installation process.

Classic Tile Cut Sheet

Designer Tile Cut Sheet

Hardwood Tile Cut Sheet

Rawhide Tile Cut Sheet

Required Setting Materials

E&S Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Guide

MSDS - Ceramic Coating

MSDS - Class A Fire Rating

MSDS - Stain/ Color

E&S 2016 Catalog

E&S Commercial Brochure

E&S Sales Cheat Sheet