America Reclaimed

E & S Tile is the leading expert in America on reclaiming the barns of the American West and the reclaimed wood business.  Follow the antics and stories of the crew at E & S as they build their dream and company.  America Reclaimed is the true story of what happens in small business and in the new market segment of reclaimed wood.  American Reclaimed is series of short webisodes that lets you behind the scenes of this incredible American Company.

Where It Starts – Reclaimed Wood

Everitt & Schilling Tile is a great American story. Born out of creative thinking, our reclaimed wood tile company is the leading manufacturer of wood tile in the world. We hand-craft every piece of tile so that the story of the American West can be a part of your home or innovative design. Our story is just like your story, just two people who wanted something better for their kids, wanted to show them the value of stewardship and hard work; and when things get tough, that’s when you smile and know that it’s character that will pull you through.  Watch our crew as they move through the work day and become the leading experts on reclaimed wood in the United States.  Reclaimed wood is a burgeoning segment of the design market and as this new industry takes shape, E & S Tile is at the forefront of innovations in the field.  Each day is a new adventure with a host of characters and interesting people that make up the reclaimed wood marketplace. We started our company with the values that our grandfathers instilled in us – where hard work mattered, and honesty and integrity were the only true equity you had in life. We work hard every day to fulfill this legacy that we have been left, working to live by the ethics and honesty that we saw in our families as we build a new business in reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed wood