Fireplace Ideas Using Reclaimed Wood

Everyone loves an amazing fireplace to sit beside on a cold winters day. Often overlooked as a key feature in interior design, the fireplace is a wonderful place to explore new design ideas. At Everitt & Schilling Tile, we are always looking for creative ways to use our incredible recycled wood tile. We are often asked about fireplace ideas, and how our tile can be integrated into this wonderful feature in a home. Take a look at these amazing fireplace ideas from around the county!






This amazing home in Austin uses our Nokomis Rawhide tile and creates an amazing compliment to the modern styling of the overall design.

fireplace ideas



By using the grey stone around the hearth and fireplace surround this beautiful design pulls out the incredible color pallet of our rawhide flats.

Boardwalk 760



In this contemporary design our Boardwalk tile in our Gunstock color is the perfect accent to the stark materials of smooth drywall and concrete.





Its a beautiful addition of texture to an otherwise stark and sleek set of materials.

fireplace ideas

One of the challenges of fireplace design can be hot zones around the fireplace box itself. This great combination of materials utilizes a hot zone area of concrete and then surrounds that with our Timbeline reclaimed wood planks. This is a beautiful fireplace idea that showcases the rich coloration of reclaimed wood and the interesting utilization of an industrial material to address the hot zone of the fireplace box.


Here’s one of our favorite uses of our hardwood tile around a fireplace. The Divine Living Space used our upcycled tile to renovate their outdated fireplace. Its a complete transformation that changes the entire look of the room. You can read all about their updates and ideas in this article.




As Country Living demonstrates in their great online gallery – fireplace ideas are diverse and a beautiful focal enhancement to any living space.

There are some design challenges when using reclaimed wood on a fireplace but our team of experts are always available for consultation on how to best use our amazing wood tile!


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New Plateaux Series – Scandinavian Design

At Everitt & Schilling Tile, we are constantly on the lookout for the latest trends in the design industry. We are pleased to announce our Plateaux series; the latest in easy to use tile that can help capture the Scandinavian design aesthetic in any application! Made of Baltic Birch and refined into precision mosaic tiles, the Plateaux Series perfectly captures the essence of this beautiful trend in design. We have released 5 new patterns that install just like our other world class tiles and help create a bright, serene texture, completely inline with the modern stylings of Northern Europe.

Scandinavian Design Ideas

With the explosion of IKEA in the United States and around the world, modern styling has risen to the top among design trends. The clean lines and beautiful natural textures of Northern Europe have made their way into many leading interior applications such as wall decor and furniture. Take a close look at these photos and see how this style is being used in many different applications.



E&S Does it Again!

Everitt & Schilling Tile is the worlds leading manufacturer of wood wall tile. Our team of design experts worked diligently to find the next great way to take the ease and quality of our system and find a new leading edge way to add beauty to your next design. Our Plateaux series is a beautiful addition to our line of amazing wood tiles. Installed just like the rest of our tile, the Plateaux series is precision engineered for perfect gapping, color and patterns. Useful in many of the same applications you are already familiar with, our Scandinavian design inspired tile is certain to enhance any space you can dream up! Contact Us Today to learn how to include this amazing product in your next design.

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Japanese Burnt Wood by E&S Tile

One of the hottest design trends of 2016 was the ancient Japanese burnt wood technique called Shou-sugi-ban. This technique takes Japanese Cedar or cypress wood and subjects it to a flame treatment. This originally was intended to help prevent against weather, fire and harsh environmental elements. Over the years, the pragmatic technique turned into an aesthetic that continues to rise in popularity. Take a look at these amazing examples of how this wood is used in architecture and design!

Japanese Burnt Wood Design Ideas


Japanese Burnt Wood

Japanese burnt wood

Burnt Wood meets Modern


Beautiful Japanese Burnt Wood Technique

E&S Ember Series Wood

Cedar Japanese Burnt Wood

Japanese Burnt Wood Design

Modern Design with burnt wood


When Everitt & Schilling Tile decided to explore this as an enhancement to our line of the worlds finest reclaimed wood tile, we studied and set our sites on how we might obtain this amazing look. Over the course of the last several months we developed a product that is not only beautiful, but solved several design problems that the traditional method left to be desired.

  1. Inconsistency – When using an unpredictable method like burning, the wood finish can be erratic and wild in rage of coloration. E&S Tile is the worlds foremost expert on making inconsistent materials like wood become a very architecturally specifiable material. We approached this Japanese burnt wood technique by bringing all of our expertise to bear on the style. We focused on consistency when we started into this series and by using our proprietary methods found that we could achieve this amazing look in a repeatable product. All of the same techniques that make our tiles the finest product in the Architectural marketplace are found here again in our Ember series.
  2. Eliminate the Campfire – While burning wood can look amazing when done with excellence it has some unintended consequences. A wall of burnt wood can smell like you walked into an evening by the campfire. While that is romantic for a few hours, it isn’t a long term smell that people enjoy. We have found away to eliminate this issue while still preserving the amazing look of Japanese Burnt wood!
  3. Ease of Installation and Beautiful Design – As with all of the Everitt & Schilling tile we use our patent pending backing system to create amazing designs that add interest and beauty while making it easy to install.

Take a look at these two products in our Ember Series – then Contact Us Today for samples and the chance to use this amazing product in your own space!

Japanese Burnt Wood

Lamar Ember Series by E&S

Japanese Burnt Wood

Gibbon Pattern in a Backsplash

Japanese Burnt Wood Tile

Gibbon Pattern by Everitt & Schilling

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