How To Make Reclaimed Barn Wood Tile

“The process of producing these salvaged tiles is incredibly difficult. You have to have an inherent understanding of how to handle reclaimed timber.” – Aaron Everitt

We start with taking down old barns from all across the United States that are between 75 and 150 years old. If the barns aren’t already laying down, we have to de-board them first, and then take them down. From there we de-nail them, wire brush them, bring them back to our factory, mill the material down to different thickness, and then kiln-dry them to ensure there is nothing inside them. Then we cut them into components, and sort them by color. This is all before we begin to make our hand-made tile.

When looking at the salvaged timber, it can be pretty hard to imagine how you could ever make something from it. There are so many different sizes, lengths, and shapes in what you salvage – it’s all beautiful, but it’s all completely different. We have columns, beams, trusses, joists, and each one has just a little different story. But the final result in the process is that each tile has its own character, it’s own personality, and each one is unique.

We say from barn to box, each piece of wood gets touched 64 times. That means we have 64 opportunities to do right by our customers.

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