Available Patterns in the Plateaux Series

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Spreewald mixed 4"x4" and 4"x8" birch wood Wall tiles of the Plateaux Series offer clean gemoetric scandinavian look to any wall surface

Spreewald - Wooden Cladding For Interior Walls Part of our Plateaux Series, the Spreewald pattern is a trendy combination of 4"x4" and 4"x8" c...

Altmark 2"x18" Birchwood Wall Planks of the Plateaux Series offers clean scandinavian and japanese styling to any wall surface

Altmark - Wood Wall System Part of our Plateaux Series, the Altmark pattern mimics the plank feel of our popular Barnwood Series Boardwalk patte...

Lusatane 2"x9" birch wood Wall tiles of the Plateaux Series offer clean chevron scan design look to any wall surface

Lusatane - Wooden Wall Decor Panels Part of our Plateaux Series, the Lusatane pattern is an awesome mash up of a light colored smooth hardwood s...

Kirtyx 4"x4" birch wood Wall tiles of the Plateaux Series offer clean gemoetric scandinavian look to any wall surface

Kyritz - Distressed Wood Wall Part of our Plateaux Series, the Kyritz pattern appears basic, but is actually much more than meets the eye.  The...

The Plateaux Series at a Glance:

  • Hand-crafted from lightly sanded Baltic Birch
  • Milled to a uniform 5/8″ thickness
  • Saw cut edges for a clean look
  • Coated with a no-VOC ceramic coating for durability and commercial protection
  • Mounted to our one of a kind, patent-pending backer membrane for the quickest and easiest modern wood paneling installations in the market
  • Individual tiles set in an alternating grain pattern within each unit to create subtle visual interest

Using our experience sourcing reclaimed barn wood from across the United States, we procure lightly sanded Baltic Birch wood from reputable suppliers for our Plateaux Series, precision cut it to size at our factory in Fort Collins, CO, assemble it into patterns on our patented backer system, and then finish it off with a coat of no VOC ceramic finish for exceptional durability and UV protection to create a modern wood wall covering like no other.  Plateaux is unique in our Hardwood Series in that the wood used is a single species, all milled to the same 5/8″ thickness.  The Scandinavian inspiration really comes through the color, wood supply, and clean line patterns of this series.  If a modern wood wall is what you’re after, Plateaux is a must see.

At Everitt & Schilling we take a lot of pride in bringing this unique product from our factory in Fort Collins, CO to your doorstep.  We constantly are searching and vetting reclaimed barnwood and hardwood sources to deliver the best raw materials to make our tile with.  We are the only wood tile manufacturer using our patent pending backer system which allows for hassle free installations using adhesive or thinset instead of mechanical fastening, and we only finish our products with non VOC ceramic coatings to ensure these modern wood wall coverings stay looking great for years to come.  E&S Tile made a name for our ourselves with our line of barn wood products for reclaimed walls, but love the clean lines and upcycled nature of our two Hardwood series.

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Premium Finishes for the Plateaux Series

All patterns in the Plateaux series come with a non VOC Natural Ceramic finish.  An optional Class A rated fire coating, required by many commercial projects, can also be factory applied.

Class A Fire-Rated Finish

Class A Fire Rated Wood Finish for commercial wood wall projects

This product can be ordered with a Class A fire treatment, ready-built for the demands of a commercial building environment – And will not change the appearance.

Clean Lines and Bright Color

Capable of making a statement in both design and color pallete, the Plateaux series focuses on patterns with long, clean lines and precise angles, all set to the beautiful light and cheery tones of Baltic Birch wood.  Alternating grain patterns, best seen against the reflection of light, allow this modern wood paneling to stand out even more on your wall.

It’s What’s Underneath that Counts

Our patented backer system is the key component of any of our series – allowing our reclaimed barn wood or upcycled hard wood products to be installed using adhesive or thinset in lieu of mechanical fastening, and most importantly managing the natural movement between substrate and wood to ensure what you put on your wall stays on the wall.

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