Available Patterns in the Reclaimed Barnwood Series

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Premium Finishes for Reclaimed Barnwood

All patterns in this series come with a Natural Ceramic finish, however we also offer Whitewash and Gunstock color finishes to meet our customers design needs as well as an optional Class A rated fire coating required by many commercial projects.

Whitewash Premium Color

Premium White Color, created using vegetable dyes.

Light and bright, the Whitwash finish brings a weathered look to barnwood with subtle hints of graining.

Gunstock Premium Color

Gunstock Brown Wood Finish

Consistently natural colored, Gunstock is an ideal color choice to capture the essence of wood with slightly muted graining.

Class A Fire-Rated Finish

Class A Fire Rated Wood Finish for commercial wood wall projects

This product can be ordered with a Class A fire treatment, ready-built for the demands of a commercial building environment – And will not change the appearance.

Our Barnwood Series at a Glance:

  • Hand-crafted from reclaimed yellow pine, aged 75-150 years
  • Milled to 3/8″, 5/8″, 7/8″ thickness to create dimensionality
  • Craftsman’s Bevel on cut edges to highlight the rustic nature of barnwood
  • Coated with a no-VOC ceramic coating for durability and commercial protection
  • Mounted to our one of a kind, patent-pending backer membrane for quick and sturdy installations

Reclaimed Barnwood is typically pine wood that has been used on barns, buildings, and other structures.  Exposed to sun, wind, rain and snow for decades, the wood will develop its own unique color and texture.  When these structures have met or exceeded their usable lifespan, many companies like ours see the value in not only reclaiming the wood and re-using it for other purposes, but also see the beauty in what nature has created from simple milled pine wood and want to share that beauty with the world. 

At Everitt & Schilling we take a lot of pride in bringing this unique product from our factory in Fort Collins, CO to your doorstep.  We constantly are searching and vetting reclaimed barnwood sources to deliver the best raw materials to make our tile with.  We are the only wood tile manufacturer using our patent pending backer system which allows for hassle free installations using adhesive or thinset instead of mechanical fastening, and we only finish our Barnwood Series products with non VOC ceramic coatings to ensure the product stays looking great for years to come.

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Fall in love with the Barnwood Series

One Word.  Dimensionality

E&S Reclaimed Barnwood series sport a full half inch of depth variation making your wall come alive not only with the amazing color of the wood and design of the pattern, but with the subtle texture highly coveted by designers and homeowners alike.

Every Piece Touched 64 times

From the moment raw reclaimed barnwood arrives at our factory to the packaging of a completed unit in a box, each single piece of wood is touched 64 times.  From milling to the desired depth, cutting to size and length, “cowboy-ing” the edges to create character, assembling into patterns and finishing with ceramic coatings, each piece of barnwood undergoes a transformative process to accentuate the natural character of the wood and create tile that is truly art. 

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