Reclaimed Wood Fireplace Applications by E&S Tile

Whether your fireplace design calls for the rustic look of barnwood or the more modern styling of our Upcycled Hardwood Series, our wood tile products are an excellent choice for a unique and eye catching reclaimed wood fireplace.  Fireplace design is often dominated by hard surfaces like stone and tile, making a wood tile fireplace a great option for projects looking for a natural product with a softer touch on the wall.  Thanks to our patented backer system, the products install very simply over a variety of different surfaces allowing you to transform an old outdated fireplace or a create a new fireplace in just a few hours into a magazine worthy feature.

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Fireplaces are a natural gathering spot, whether its from the warmth they create, or the central position you’ll find them within a space.  No longer simply a utilitarian feature, fireplaces are increasingly the focus of design in the shapes they are made, features they have, and the materials they are made of.  A reclaimed wood fireplace serves as a great backdrop for most spaces, normally staying within the neutral color range while adding lots of visual interest to the wall.

Many E&S Series are also available in a variety of colors and finishes to customize your reclaimed wood fireplace to your decor.  While you can never go wrong with one of our Natural or unfinished products, which showcase the true color and character of reclaimed barnwood, we also love the cool and consistent tones of the Gunstock finish, the beach cottage look of Whitewash, or the muted multi color tones of our Designer Blends.  We’re sure there’s a product to meet the color and texture needs of your reclaimed wood fireplace project.

The Everitt & Schilling Rawhide Flats Series in Nokomis Pattern shown unfinished on a residential fireplace in Austin Texas


Updating an old fireplace, or adding a new reclaimed barnwood fireplace is a great return on your home renovation or new project dollars.  Combining the ease of installation that can be handled by most DIYer’s and the prominent location of fireplaces in the design of a room, upgrading a tired looking fireplace with reclaimed barnwood makes a big and immediate impact by changing the entire look and feel of the space in just a few hours.

Even if you don’t have an existing fireplace, there are many gas and electric ventless models that can be used to transform a blank wall into something special.  Ventless fireplaces are installed on the wall similar to a flat screen tv and can become the focal point of a feature wall with all the allure a fireplace offers and none of the hassle of dealing with the exhaust and venting to the outside needed by standard fueled fireplaces.

Our reclaimed barnwood tiles offer a great alternative to reclaimed wood fireplace mantels, which can be very expensive, hard to locate, and difficult to install.  Wood wall tiles allow the space to achieve a reclaimed barn wood look and feel without the trouble of actually sourcing an authentic barnwood mantel.

Upcycled hardwood wall tile gas fireplace decorated for Christmas with Christmas tree, wreath, and decorative knick knacks


Cleaning & Maintenance

The product should be regularly dusted with either a vacuum brush attachment or microfiber duster.  If a wet clean is required, we recommend using a damp sponge and a mild dish soap to spot clean.  Abrasive or acidic cleaners should not be used.  Many E&S Series come with a factory applied ceramic coating and do not need additionally sealed.  The Rawhide Series is unfinished and in certain applications can be sealed for added protection.

Is it Safe to Install Wood on a Fireplace?

Wood tiles can be safely installed on fireplace projects.  The important thing to consider on such an application is the local jurisdiction’s building codes on the proximity of combustible building materials to heat sources.  Depending on the local building codes and the type of fireplace itself (open, insert, gas, wood burning, etc), there might be a “non combustible” border around the fireplace which the wood should not be used in.

Detail shot of reclaimed wood fireplace surrounding low profile modern ventless gas fireplace


Whether you’re a seasoned tile installer, millworker or just a regular homeowner looking to make their home more beautiful, you’ll find our products simple to work with and easy to install.  Our Installation Guide is the go to resource for everything you need to know for a successful installation and the FAQ addresses many of the “what if” questions we’ve answered for happy customers over the years.  When in doubt, give us call or send an email and we’ll be happy to discuss your project and answer your questions.

Reclaimed Barnwood is where E&S started, but not the end of our story.  Over the years we’ve innovated and expanded into different sources and types of wood, unfinished products, and even globally inspired products from places like Japan and Scandinavia.  We’re designers ourselves and love to work in this medium to create beautiful, inspiring products, all made at our factory in Fort Collins, CO.

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