Changing the Game for Reclaimed Wood Interior Walls. Forever.

At E&S Tile we create beautiful reclaimed wood interior walls from salvaged barn wood and upcycled hard wood sources from around the United States.  Using wood on interior walls has developed somewhat of a bad stigma over the years, and deservedly so.  The wood wall paneling and ceiling applications of the 1960s and 1970s, which was primarily used because of its cost effectiveness, left a lot to be desired in terms of style and even function with its flimsy nature and poor soundproofing.  We’re happy to be on the forefront of this revolution, creating interior wood siding products that designers fawn over, installers appreciate and homeowners love.  All of our products use domestically sourced wood and are domestically made in the US, or how we like to refer to it as Made in America, twice.  Get ready for a revolution in wood feature walls.

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Look around and you’ll no doubt see interior walls that are just begging to be something different than just painted.  Whether its making a statement in your entryway, creating the background for a media wall that you can’t take your eyes off of, going vertical with a ceiling, or designing a hallway that you can’t stop walking up and down, our wood tiles offer unlimited possibilities.  Take a look around your home, grab a tape measure and start planning out your next wood feature wall project.

Unique to E&S’ line of reclaimed and upcycled wood tile products for interior walls is our variety of finishes and colors.  If an unfinished or natural wood color doesn’t meet your design needs we have a country inspired whitewash finish and a deep and rich gunstock finish available in most series, as well as a muted red, blue, and yellow available in our designer blends.  With options ranging from wood type, pattern, depth, edge finish, and color, we’re sure to have a great fit for your next interior wood tile project.

Whitewashed barnwood tiles in a herringbone pattern used as the accent wall in a country chic inspired bedroom


We’ve painstakingly perfected our products over the better half of a decade, creating interior wood wall tile products that are consistent in terms of sizing and color, easy to install, have long lasting durability, and most importantly that we stand behind and know that you’ll love.  This isn’t wood siding retrofitted for interior use.  At E&S we are on the forefront of reclaimed wood supply in the United States, sourcing our kiln dried barnwood from only top quality suppliers.  Through the use of our patented backer system, we solved the issue of expansion and contraction in wood tiles in different climates, allowing our product to be installed in most applications quickly and easily without mechanical fastening.  Finally, we create our products with a team of both highly skilled and dedicated craftspeople at our factory in Fort Collins, CO, while also leveraging manufacturing technology normally found in much higher output operations.  This passion for what we do and attention to every last detail allows us to create the most beautiful and highest quality interior wood wall tiles in the market.  Wood feature walls will never be the same.

Ceiling application of 4"x4" collins pattern natural finish wood tile in the reclaimed barnwood series with a prominent circular modern chandelier in the foreground


Cleaning & Maintenance

Routine dusting of interior wood wall tiles is to be expected and best handled with a vacuum brush attachment or microfiber duster.  Mild dish soap, water, and a damp cloth are the best way to remove any wet or ground in stains.  Many of the product Series come factory applied with a no VOC ceramic coating which allows the product to be very easily cleaned and offers UV protection to limit sun fading of the wood over time.   Abrasive cleaners should not be used.

Should this wood tile be sealed?

Certain unfinished products like our Rawhide Series can be sealed with a water based sealer, such as Miracle 511 Porous Plus.  It is not necessary to seal the product, but sealing it does make clean up easier if the wood ever was to get dirty by creating a protective barrier on the outside of the wood.  Check with your local rep or call our main line for more information on sealing prior to applying sealer to any of our products.

Moisture, Heat and Other Considerations?

All of our products should only be used in climate controlled interior environments, where the temperature and humidity level is regulated and consistent.  Exterior siding applications or interior applications subject to high levels of moisture are not recommend for any of our wood tile products.  Interior wood wall tile products should also not be installed within the combustible zone of any fire source, such as a fireplace or cooktop.  Check your local building codes for exact detail on the combustibility requirements in your area.  Ceiling applications should be installed with both adhesive and mechanically fixed (pin nailed) in every board.

Reclaimed Barnwood used in a ceiling application in Los Angeles with a large 5 blade fan in the foreground


Installing E&S wood tiles on interior walls couldn’t be easier – we’ve done the hard work for you by finding great wood and assembling it into easy to install patterns on our patented backer system.  Learn more about what you tools and materials you’ll need and the proper installation techniques and methods in our installation guide and check out our FAQ for questions that we get from a lot of our customers.

While being ideally suited for interior feature wall applications, our wood tiles are also incredibly versatile, both in color, design, and style, as well as application.  Backsplashes, fireplaces, ceilings, and bathrooms are just some of the great spaces you can design with this product and we invite you to check out all of our Product Series and find a must have wood wall tile for your next project.

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