Dimensional Hardwood Veneer Like Never Before. 

These light-weight, three-dimensional upcycled hardwood veneer wall panels come out of the box ready to make a one-of-a-kind statement on your wall with minimal installation hassle. Select a Pattern below to Begin.

Pre-coated at our factory with a ceramic hardening agent for protection, E&S Hardwood Series Wall Panels are designed to meet residential and commercial wear and tear head-on. With our patent-pending vulcanized rubber backer membrane, you can skip the millwork-style installation, and go straight to an incredibly fast liquid-nails style installation. Nails not required. Real wood veneer doesn’t come this easy. Browse the colors above to start bringing these contemporary wood accents to your project! 

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Premium Additional Finishes in the Upcycled Hardwood Series

All patterns in this series come with a Natural Ceramic finish, however we also offer Whitewash and Gunstock color finishes to meet our customers design needs as well as an optional Class A rated fire coating required by many commercial projects.

Whitewash Premium Color

Premium White Color, created using vegetable dyes.

Light and smooth, the Whitewash finish overlays much of the natural graining of the hardwood species while meeting its desired light color range.

Gunstock Premium Color

Gunstock Brown Wood Finish

A traditional and refined wood color, the Gunstock finish offers a stable color pallete for projects looking for minimal color variation.

Class A Fire-Rated Finish

Class A Fire Rated Wood Finish for commercial wood wall projects

This product can be ordered with a Class A fire treatment, ready-built for the demands of a commercial building environment – And will not change the appearance.

Our Upcycled Hardwood Series at a Glance

  • Hand-crafted from multiple hardwood species
  • Milled to the following thicknesses: 3/8″, 5/8″, 7/8″ Thick
  • Straight cut edges to accentuate the clean lines and geometry of the design 
  • Coated with a no-VOC ceramic coating for durability and commercial protection
  • Mounted to our one of a kind, patent-pending backer membrane for the quickest and easiest hardwood wall paneling installation on the market

We source select species and pieces of hardwood from cabinet and millwork manufacturers, primarily in the Northern Colorado region, and “upcycle” that material into our world famous Hardwood Series.  Saving this material from the landfill, we cut it to size and mill it to our calibrated thicknesses, assemble into patterns on our patented backer system, and then finish it off with a coat of no VOC ceramic finish for exceptional durability and UV protection.  Unlike some of our other series where the product is unfinished and the wood itself takes center stage, the Hardwood Series comes together with the pattern, color, and subtle unique graining of different wood species contributing to the uniqueness of the product creating hardwood feature walls like no other product before it.  It’s never been easier to have architectural grade and styled hardwood wall paneling on your walls than with E&S Tile’s Upcycled Hardwood Series.

At Everitt & Schilling we take a lot of pride in bringing this unique product from our factory in Fort Collins, CO to your doorstep.  We constantly are searching and vetting hardwood sources to deliver the best raw materials to make our tile with.  We are the only wood tile manufacturer using our patent pending backer system which allows for hassle free installations of hardwood paneling using adhesive or thinset instead of mechanical fastening, and we only finish our Hardwood Series products with non VOC ceramic coatings to ensure the product stays looking great for years to come.

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Pattern. Color. Texture. Repeat.

An Amazing Amount of Visual Interest

Any wall covering is designed to create “visual interest”, and few do it as effectively as our Hardwood Series Upcycled wood tiles.  The meticulously designed pattern with its interlocking and plank inspired look is accentuated by the varying thicknesses within each tile unit, creating loads of texture.  Finished off with a color to complement the decor, the Hardwood Series is a product that stands alone in terms of combining design, shape, texture and color to create hardwood wall paneling that is truly breathtaking on the wall.

A Color to Match Any Decor

From the neutral wood tones of the Natural Finish, to the monochromatic and naturally inspired Gunstock color range, to the transcendant and carefully crafted Whitewash, the Hardwood Series makes itself available throughout the neutral color range ensuring an easy fit on any hardwood feature wall project. 

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