A Reclaimed Wood Backsplash That Will Turn Your Head

Our wood tile products make an amazing barnwood backsplash, offering up unique textures, sizes, and colors sure to make any installation stand out.  Wood tile is a perfect design counterbalance to the hardness of a solid surface countertop, providing a rich texture that traditional backsplash materials like glass or small format tile mosaics can only envy.  The unique patterns, ranging from a long plank look to our beautifully intricate herringbone pattern add yet another visual design element to this small but important space.  Whether you choose one of our reclaimed barnwood tiles or recycled hardwood tiles for your wood backsplash project, our products will be easy to install, simple to maintain, and sure to receive lots of compliments.

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While most of the time small in terms of square feet, backsplashes are so often a crucial part of the design aesthetic of the modern day kitchen.  Nestled between two of the main decision points a homeowner selects when designing or remodeling a kitchen, the countertops and cabinets, a perfect backsplash meets an owners expectations on both look and maintenance.

Wood tile backsplashes offer a completely unique look for this type of application, while still offering many of the same benefits of similar backsplash materials, such as being pre mounted on a backer to make installation simple and either being factory coated or easily sealed on site to make everyday clean up a breeze.  At E&S, we have both reclaimed barnwood and hardwood tile products that can be used to create a big impact in a small space.

Close-up: The Everitt & Schilling Rawhide Flats Series in Nokomis Pattern shown with a Miracle 511 Sealant on a kitchen backsplash wall with marble countertops on a residence in Orlando Florida


What makes E&S products perfect for any backsplash project is our different product lines which span a huge range of design options.  If a reclaimed wood backsplash is what you’re after, our Reclaimed Barnwood and Rawhide Flats Series offer varying sizes, depths, patterns, and finishes to choose from.  If a modern wood backsplash is what you’re project needs, our unique Upcycled Hardwood or Plateaux Series offer incredibly unique colors and dimensionality certain to make your project stand out.

All of our wood is sourced domestically in the United States and our products are made by hand at our factory in Fort Collins, CO.  We see the beauty in that barn or fence from the western plains that gets transformed into an amazing reclaimed barnwood backsplash in a big city penthouse and we take great pride in not only making beautiful products for your home out or reclaimed barnwood and upcycled hardwood, but in doing it in a fair and responsible way, with environmentally friendly production techniques and no VOC coatings.  With reclaimed wood flooring becoming an increasingly common product, we’ve chosen to take that same wood and create beautiful mosaic tiles that are truly one of a kind.

Lakota Rawhide Bar Backsplash in a Kitchen Denver Colorado


Cleaning & Maintenance

Depending on what Product Series you select, your wood tile backsplash might come factory applied with a no VOC ceramic coating which makes the product very simple and easy to maintain.  A damp cloth with water and a mild dish soap is ideal for cleaning up wet spills while a vacuum with brush attachment or microfiber duster works great for dusting a reclaimed wood backsplash.  Similar to wood flooring, abrasive cleaners should not be used.

Should this wood tile be sealed?

We recommend our Rawhide Series be sealed with a water based sealer, such as Miracle 511 Porous Plus when used on a wood tile backsplash.  While doing very little to change the actual look of the wood, the sealer forms a protective barrier on the outside making clean up easier on unfinished products.

What about Using Wood Tile Behind a Stove or Cooktop?

A barnwood backsplash is going to be considered combustible so we recommend consulting your local jurisdiction’s building code requirements for the proximity that combustible materials can be installed against heat sources.  Depending on the nature of the cooking appliance, gas vs electric, a wooden backsplash might be able to go directly behind the appliance or be subject to a minimum clearance from the heat source.

Edge profile of reclaimed wood backsplash showing cut ends touched up with provided touch up kit


If you’ve always dreamed of a barnwood backsplash and you’re a proud DIY’er, this is the perfect product for you!  The resources below offer up some great information you’ll want to know about how to install a reclaimed wood backsplash and some common questions you might have along the way.  And don’t worry if firing up the chop saw on a Saturday isn’t your idea of a good time – any tile installer, millworker, cabinetry, or flooring contractor, or pretty much any general handyman should have all the tools and skills needed for a successful barnwood backsplash installation.

The great thing about E&S is that we’re not just a one trick pony – we have lots of different product lines all suitable for wood backsplash projects.  From Reclaimed Barnwood, to the ultra clean Scandinavian inspired Plateaux Series, to the Shou Sugi Bahn look of our Ember Series we have products to meet any design requirement for a wood tile backsplash. We welcome any and all questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to contact us if we can help.

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