A Wood Tile Bathroom…Ooh, la, la.

While often small in size, bathrooms offer up great design opportunities in the form of feature and accent walls.  One of the great parts about remodeling or designing bathroom spaces is that with the relatively small size of most projects, higher end finishes like reclaimed barn wood and upcycled hardwood tiles are great options.  With bathrooms running the gamut from a small hallway powder bath where wood tile might work well as part of an accent wall to spacious and luxurious master bathrooms where the design might include a floating mirror suspended in front of a wall of wood tile, our products are waiting to inspire your next project.  So whether your design calls for texture or color, we have reclaimed barn wood tile options to suit.

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Elegant Reclaimed Wood Feature Wall in powder bathroom featuring vintage inspired plumbing and lighting fixtures


Wood tiles offer a truly luxurious look that is at place in both a high end spa as well as your own home.  Embodying the natural characteristics of wood, whether that’s the weathered look of our reclaimed barn wood that shows off the rough hewn texture and nail holes or the more modern look of our hardwood tiles with its tight graining and subtle knot holes, wood tiles constantly remind you that this is an all natural product and not something turned out of a machine.

Spa environments are often designed with natural materials like stone and reclaimed barn wood because most people seek out nature when trying to relax or center themselves.  A home bathroom is no different and with products like our wood tiles this natural look can be designed into any bathroom, implemented with our easy to install products in short order, and you’ll be relaxing in your new wood tile bathroom before you ever thought possible.


Our wood tile products are so much more than just reclaimed barn wood or upcycled hardwood scraps organized on a wall.  We carefully source our wood and have highly calibrated machinery to cut and assemble the patterns.  Our patented backer system not only keeps the product in its pattern but allow for a quick and easy installation over a variety of common surfaces and makes sure that wood tile stays on the wall by allowing for the natural expansion and contraction of the wood with changes in humidity.  We finish off many of our Product Series with a no VOC ceramic coating which protects the wood against UV damage and makes it much easier to clean and suitable for projects like a wood tile bathroom.  For those projects that require it, we have the ability to factory apply a fire retardant coating so that any of our products can achieve a Class A Flame Spread rating.  So while we take painstaking care to make this product look as all natural as possible, rest assured there’s years of research and development in every piece of E&S wood tile.

Detail Shot of timber wood tile used as a backsplash featuring a reclaimed wood countertop and modern chrome water fixture


Cleaning & Maintenance

Many of our barn wood tile products come with a factory applied ceramic coating which makes the products very durable and easy to clean in a wood tile bathroom environment.  All reclaimed barn wood tile products should be dusted with a vacuum brush or microfiber duster or if necessary a damp cloth with water and a mild dish soap.  Abrasive cleaners can damage the finish and should not be used.

Should this wood tile be sealed?

If selecting an unfinished product like our Rawhide Series, it is recommended to seal the wood tiles in a bathroom environment with a water based sealer, such as Miracle 511 Porous Plus.  This sealer forms a protective barrier on the outside of the tile making for easy clean up without significantly changing the look or color of the wood.

What about Moisture in a Bath Enviroment?

Moisture is probably the biggest thing to be aware of in a bathroom environment.  Wood tile products should not be used in or around showers or steam rooms where the product will be subject to direct or indirect water or moisture.  Any wood tile bathroom should have sufficient air flow via an exhaust vent to quickly and efficiently evacuate moist air from a shower or bath out of the space.  If your walls are moist or damp after a hot shower additional venting should be considered so that excess moisture is not an issue with a wood tile installation.

Bathroom spa feature wall application of the Nokomis pattern wood tile in the rawhide flats unfinished barnwood series


Everything you need to successfully install our wood tile products is located in the links below.  While we have a background in both design and tile setting, we’ve made this product very DIY friendly and are confident anyone with the right tools and willingness to read through our installation guide will be an expert installer of our products in no time.  And if something trips you up, we’re always here to help – just call or email.

Wood tile bathrooms are just the tip of the iceberg as far as what design opportunities are available to you with E&S Wood Tile products.  Accent and feature walls of every size and location, fireplaces, and backsplashes are just a few of the spaces in your home where wood tiles might be a great fit.  Explore all of our wide ranging product lines to find the perfect reclaimed barn wood product for your next project.

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